Unit Plan


Learning Intentions:

Students will:

  • identify individuals, events and aspects of the past that have significance in the present.
  • identify and describe aspects of their community that have changed and remained the same over time.
  • Use the Historical Skills to investigate a topic
  • Understand how content can be organised using different text structures depending on the purpose of the text, including using paragraphs and the structure of information texts (specifically information books).
  • Select information, ideas and events in texts that relate to their own lives and other texts. (Research skills)
  • Read texts that contain varied sentence structures, a range of punctuation conventions and images that provide extra information. (Research skills)
  • Listen to others’ views and respond appropriately using interaction skills. (Interaction skills)
  • Create texts that use writing and images to express and develop, in some detail information, events and ideas.
  • Create a text for an unfamiliar audience (page of an information book).
  • Demonstrate understanding of grammar and choose vocabulary and punctuation appropriate to the purpose and context of their writing, including using formal language and topic specific words.
  • They write using joined letters that are accurately formed and consistent in size.

Success Criteria:

Students will

  • Collaborate in small teams to research the history of Brisbane.
  • Select an aspect to research and write about.
  • Create a page for an information book about the local area’s history, based on their own research across multiple sources, and using the conventions of information texts (such as paragraphs, sentence structure, topic language etc).
  • Construct a rough handwritten draft, edit and proofread and create a final copy using Microsoft Word.
  • Include appropriate multimodal elements to support their page.


Please click here to access the UNIT PLAN.

Image from Pixabay, 2015.


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